Answers to your questions.

Does the V&T train leave from the Nevada State Railroad Museum?
No, the Depot is located 20 minutes from the museum. The Carson City to Virginia City train leaves from the Eastgate Depot, located at 4650 Eastgate Siding Road. Take Hwy 50 East past Eagle Valley Golf Course. Turn Right on Flint Dr. After 2/3 mile turn left and follow the signs to Eastgate Depot.

I have my reservation printout, where do I pick up my boarding pass?
Your tickets can be picked up at the Will Call desk located inside the Eastgate Depot on the day of your ride. Your name will also be listed on our manifest for your ride date.

May I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed on any V&T trains. Service animals are always welcome.

Are there restrooms on the train?

Yes, there is a restroom available on each car and at both depots.

Are the cars heated/air conditioned?
The passenger cars are fully enclosed with large windows that can be opened. Once the train begins to move the cars are cooled by our Nevada breezes. The weather is usually quite comfortable during our regular operating season, but if the day is cool, we just close the windows.

Is there food/drink available on the train?
Water is available for purchase on the train. We ask that you help us preserve our beautifully restored Pullman passenger cars by not eating on the train trip. You may bring food to eat once you arrive in Virginia City or enjoy one of Virginia City’s many restaurants.

How much time do we have in Virginia City?
Approximately 3 hours. The return train to Carson City departs promptly at 3:00 pm.

What is there to do in Virginia City?
Virginia City is a lively town with lots of special events, shops, restaurants and old-time saloons. Stop by the visitors’ center at 86 South C Street or check their website at visitvirginiacitynv.com

Is there food available at the depots?

Yes, snacks are available but must be consumed prior to boarding the train.

What will the weather be like?
Virginia City is about 10 degrees cooler than Carson City. Bring a jacket just in case and remember to keep hydrated in the higher altitude.

What should I wear?
Comfortable shoes, a hat for sunny days and a jacket if it is cool and breezy.

How long does it take to get to Virginia City?
The ride will be about one hour and 30 minutes from the time you leave the Eastgate Depot. The return trip is a bit shorter, but the train may stop to view the wild mustangs if they are in the area.

What do we do on the train?
The trip is fully narrated by our knowledgeable conductors. You will learn about the Comstock’s mining history, pass through two tunnels, see amazing scenery and hopefully spot some wildlife, including deer, coyotes and wild mustangs.

How do we get from the F Street Depot to C Street in Virginia City?

There will be shuttles waiting when you arrive. They will take you up to C street and pick you up again in time to catch the 3 pm train. Tips are appreciated! If you prefer the short walk up the hill you are free to walk.

Is there a shuttle available to the Carson City Eastgate Depot? 
No, but if you need to return to the Eastgate Depot early you will have to arrange a ride with Uber or call Capital Cab at 775 831-2333.

What is the difference between the diesel and the steam engine?
Our steam engines are over 100 years old and are great examples of early locomotive power. They will provide you with an authentic early railroading experience. Our diesel engines are mid-century and very powerful.  Regardless of which engine, the train will still follow the same historic route and include the Pullman passenger cars.

Can I donate to the reconstruction?
Absolutely! There is more track to lay… so please make a donation online at either depot or by mail to PO Box 1711, Carson City, NV 89702. Please make checks payable to the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway.

What should we do after the train ride?
Carson City, Nevada’s Capital, has several wonderful restaurants, museums, walking and biking trails and a variety of lodging options for before and after your trip. Stop in at the visitors’ center at 716 N. Carson Street, right next to the Nevada State Museum or check out their web site at visitcarsoncity.com


This is a one-hour train ride, you will not be getting off at the North Pole. We ask for your cooperation in leaving strollers, car seats, large diaper bags and backpacks in your vehicles or at the Depot. Our seating is limited and cannot accommodate extra baggage. All seats will be occupied by passengers so it is crucial that we have room for everyone.

When will THE POLAR EXPRESS™ tickets go on sale?
Ticket sales will begin July 17, 2018 on this website.

Who needs a ticket?
Anyone 2 years or older will need a ticket. Children 24 months and under, who can sit on an adult’s lap, are free.

How are tickets sold?
Tickets may be purchased online at vttrain.activitytickets.com or by calling 877-724-5007. Tickets for this event will sell out well in advance, so advance purchase is REQUIRED.
VIP Tickets – These tickets are for our 1890’s Parlor Car which holds 30 passengers. This intimate setting is perfect for large families or groups and includes a keepsake ceramic mug and large Christmas cookie.
Coach Class Tickets – Each Coach Class car has available seating for 70 passengers All 70 seats will be filled. Please do not bring car seats or other carriers for children under three, as all non-ticketed passengers (2 years old and under) must be held on an adult’s lap.

Are seats assigned?
Tickets are assigned at the Depot by passenger car. Seating within the cars is open, so groups wishing to sit together should arrive early to ensure they are at the head of the boarding line for their car.

Where are my tickets?
Your tickets will be ready for pickup at the Depot located at 4650 Eastgate Siding Road, Carson City, 30 minutes before departure on the day of your train. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your departure to ensure time to pick up tickets and board the train. There will be a heated waiting area provided.

Are there any refunds or exchanges?
There are no refunds or exchanges. Please ensure your availability and that of your ENTIRE GROUP prior to purchasing tickets.

I would like to bring a group, are there group discounts?

Sorry, due to the popularity of this event, there are no group discounts.

Why should my children dress in their pajamas?
In the story, all the children taking this magical train ride are awakened from their beds on Christmas Eve. Join the fun by bringing your children in their pajamas. Adults are also encouraged to join the PJ party fun too.

If I haven’t read the book or seen the movie will I still have a good time?
Yes, you can read along or just listen as we read the storybook on our train ride to the North Pole. If you have read the book or seen the movie you will feel like you’ve just stepped off the pages as we recreate the story with your child as part of the cast. Feel free to bring your copy of THE POLAR EXPRESS for the conductor to sign, or purchase a copy at our depot.

Is the event handicapped accessible?
Yes. A wheelchair ramp is available on-site. We encourage you to contact the railroad with any questions.

Are there hotels in town?
There are a variety of hotel choices in Carson City and the surrounding area. Many of these hotels are offering room packages that will provide room discounts for THE POLAR EXPRESS™ event. Please contact the individual hotels to learn the specifics of their room packages. You may call 800 Nevada-1 for more information or go to Plan Your Trip.

Is there more to do in Carson City than just attend THE POLAR EXPRESS™ event?

YES! We suggest that you make a weekend out of your trip to visit the North Pole aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™. Carson City also features, bowling, movies, and top-notch accommodations. For the older visitors there are several casinos and great restaurants.


When should I arrive for my train?
Trains depart PROMPTLY at their scheduled departure time. Please arrive no less than 30 minutes to allow time for picking up tickets from Will Call, visiting the restroom, and gift shop. Should you miss your train, there are no refunds or exchanges. The trains operate on Pacific Standard Time.

I have a large family, will we all be able to sit together?
Seating within the cars is not assigned and is first-come-first-served.  If you have a large group please arrive at least 30 minutes early and be sure your entire party is present.  The closer you are to the front of the line the easier it will be for us to seat you together.  If you are late you may be separated.

How long is the train ride?
The train ride is about 60 minutes per round trip.

Will I get to meet the conductor of the train?
Yes, he will call ‘All Aboard’ when the train is ready to leave the station and he will punch your train ticket during the trip.

Will my child get to meet Santa personally?
Santa will board the train at the North Pole and give a sleigh bell to each child during the return trip.

Is there a bathroom available on board the train?
There are no bathrooms on board the train. There are bathrooms available for use before and after the ride at the train station.

Will there be other things to do at the Depot?
Yes, you will find holiday gift ideas at Santa’s Gift Shop.

Will there be food service available at the event?
No. There is no food service at the event. There are a variety of restaurants in the Carson City area, please check online at visitcarsoncity.com or call 800 NEVADA-1 (1-800-638-2321)

A member of my family has food allergies, do you have non-allergenic treats available? 
While we do not have non-allergenic, dairy-free or gluten-free hot chocolate and cookies, you are welcome to bring your own cookies and drinks for your family member.

Is parking available?
Free parking is available at the Eastgate Depot.

Will there be opportunities for professional pictures?
Yes, a professional photographer will be onsite to take pictures of guests in front of THE POLAR EXPRESS™ backdrop with Santa Claus. Photos will be available for purchase.

Are strollers permitted?
Strollers are welcome at the event but are not permitted onboard the train. Stroller parking will be available track-side.

May I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed at THE POLAR EXPRESS™ event. Service animals are always welcome.

What is the inclement weather policy?
The Polar Express will not be canceled due to inclement weather. Please use your own judgment on safe driving conditions from where you start and to our destination. No refunds will be given due to storms or highway controls.