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The unforgettable story began in 1869, when the Silver Kings built a railroad to haul tons of gold
and silver from Virginia City to Carson City. And came alive again when the Gray family rebuilt
the Virginia City to Gold Hill segment in 1977.

Since 1993, the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway has worked toward
restoring the remainder of the historic track along its original route from Gold Hill to Carson City.

You can also donate in person at the Eastgate or F Street Depot or by mail to P.O. Box 1711, Carson City, NV 89702. Please make checks payable to: Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway.

877-724-5007   775-291-0208

Carson City Eastgate Depot
4650 Eastgate Siding Road
Carson City, Nevada 89701
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Photography by
Peter Anthony Lerro, III  
Jeff Dow

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For nearly twenty years the V&T was a major political and economic factor in the growth and development of Western Nevada and Eastern California. During the late 1870s, V&T stockholders divided handsome dividends in excess of $100,000 monthly. Additional financial returns provided the capital for nearly 40 other V&T-affiliated concerns. The 300-mile Carson & Colorado Railroad was built from Mound House, Nevada, to Keeler, California, and was operated by principals of the V&T from 1880 to 1900. V&T dividends funded the establishment of Hawthorne, Nevada, the Hawthorne Water Works, lumbering operations at Lake Tahoe and Southern Nevada, the Columbus Wagon Road to Bodie, a large soda plant at Keeler, and dozens of mining ventures at Aurora, Bodie, Hawthorne, Candelaria, Belleville, Columbus, and Cerro Gordo.

*V&T Railroad, Virginia & Truckee R.R. logo and "Queen of the Shortlines"SM used by permission of Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co., Virginia City, Nevada.