Souvenir Photos

Thank you for riding the V&T! We hope you enjoyed your experience.

This season, we at V&T are providing an opportunity for you to have a souvenir photo taken by a professional photographer at the depot prior to boarding the train. This service is free. Within 48 hours, your photo will be uploaded to our online photo album where you can share your photo on social media, download your photo for free, or purchase prints and photo keepsakes, if you wish.

The photo albums below are organized by date. To find your photo, click the link that corresponds with the date on which you rode the V&T. Once the photo album opens, locate your photo among the thumbnails on the left and click to preview it. On the right side, click the icons below your photo preview (see graphic at right) to share it on social media (#vtrailway) or download the image file. If you’d like to purchase prints or photo keepsakes, click the green “Buy Photos” button above the photo.

May 2017 

June 2017 

July 2017 

August 2017 

September 2017 

October 2017

Special thanks to Laura Main with Storytime Photography.

We’d love it if you share your photos to V&T Facebook and Instagram using #vtrailway.