Carson River Canyon

Roundtrip • 45 minutes

Ride the train on two-and-a-half miles of new track highlighting the Carson River Canyon, where many of the historic Comstock stamp or reduction mills were located, as well as timber processing mills. The more noteworthy stamp mills included the Santiago and Vivian Mills, the large Eureka Mill, which operated its own 36” narrow gauge railway and the Merrimac, Brunswick and Morgan mills. This is a perfect place to photograph the steam engine as it un-couples from the passenger cars and passes them on the switch to re-couple up front. Listen to the echoes of the steam whistle on the canyon walls as we prepare to high ball back up the track on our return to Eastgate Depot.


  • Steam Train
  • Special Saturdays June-Oct
  • 45 minutes Roundtrip

The Saturday Canyon trains follow the all-day, roundtrip steam train rides from Carson City to Virginia City. At the end of that run, the same train continues south of Carson City’s Eastgate Depot into the canyon.

Route Highlights

  • Two-and-a-half miles of new track
  • Historic locations of Comstock stamp or reduction mills and timber processing mills
  • Noteworthy stamp mills: Santiago Mill, Vivian Mill, Merrimac Mill, Brunswick Mill, Morgan Mill
  • Eureka Mill, which operated a 36″ narrow gauge railway
  • Steam train whistle echoes on canyon walls