Virginia City – Gold Hill

4-mile Round Trip

This is a separate rail line located in Virginia City.
Please visit Virginia & Truckee Railroad Co website or call 775-847-0380 for information.
Take a fascinating 35-minute ride back into history over the scenic Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Hear the conductor narrate remarkable stories of the Comstock Bonanza, when the V&T was built, and Virginia City was the richest city on earth, with more millionaires than anywhere else.

What You’ll See.

Watch for mines and silver ore veins. You’ll ride through Tunnel No. 4, the last tunnel before Virginia City, one of seven built for the 1600-ft. descent to the valley floor. You’ll pass by many of the Comstock mine sites including the Gould & Curry, Savage, Hale & Norcross, Potosi, Chollar, Julia, Ward Bullion, East Yellow Jacket, Crown Point, Kentuck, Yellow Jacket, Combination and the Foreman.

Enjoy Historic Gold Hill, Nevada!

Finally, you’ll stop in Gold Hill, rich in American history where the Comstock Era gold and silver strikes began in 1859. See the train depot, the Liberty Engine Fire Company monument, visit at the 1859 Gold Hill Hotel and see the early Bank of California building and the Maynard Block.

Route Highlights

  • Original V&T 1870 Depot, 166 F Street (three blocks to C Street)
  • Tunnel No. 4–last tunnel before Virginia City
  • Comstock mines and mills
  • Pass by eight mines including Hale & Norcross, Savage, Potosi, Chollar, Julia, Yellow Jacket, Crown Point and the Ward Bullion
  • Gold Hill–where the Comstock Era gold strikes began
  • Fully narrated
  • Free parking


    • 7 hourly departures – 10:30 am to 4 pm
    • 35-minute round trip


Tour Insurance

Tour Insurance allows you to cancel your ride with at least 12-hours notice and we will reimburse you for your full ticket price (minus ticketing and insurance fees). Add Tour Insurance to your reservation for $5 per ticket, just in case you need to cancel!